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Winston Hauschild _beneath the music

music : Ready - Live Wade

To live on an island and make music is definitely a dream that is dreamed by many. For producer and songwriter, Winston Hauschild, it’s a reality, and it happens on Bowen Island. It’s just a short ferry ride from Vancouver, BC, but it’s a different world when you’re there, especially when you’re there to make music. Are you living your dream? What is your dream life with music? Are distractions ruining your creative flow?

Winston has been writing songs and producing records for more than 20 years, and has come to realize that he never had much of choice but to make music for a living. Born into a musical family, music came naturally to Winston, and his family naturally supported his life in the arts. He is an artist at heart, but his focus these days is music production, and he works with many artists out of The Treehouse Studio on Bowen Island. I don’t want to make records with people at a destination studio, said no one ever.

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