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  • Subsocial Forever

    Buy once. Get forever.
    • All of our current & future sounds.
    • Priced in Canadian dollars.

This is not a monthly subscription, this is a one time payment for everything we've made, and everything we will make. Your access to our releases will never expire. "Sounds" means all libraries, instruments, loops, one-shots, and presets.

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  • What exactly does "sounds" mean?
    "Sounds" means all of our loops, one-shots, sample packs, instruments, software presets, and spatial audio library. Right now, that means everything we've released. Sounds does not include any of our physical products or merchandise. We encourage you too have a look and listen through our current releases and see what sorts of sample packs, instruments and presets we have and what software they're made for. Most our releases have audio files and/or MIDI files that can be used in any software, and many releases also have instruments and/or presets that are software/DAW/sampler/synth specific. Our catalogue is growing and becoming more diverse with each release. Don't see enough of what you're looking for? Let us know!
  • What's the catch?
    There is no catch. You pay once, and you'll receive access to all future releases. The sooner you join, the more you'll save. As more sounds are added, the price for entry will increase. Our early supporters will always benefit the most, and new members will allow us to grow the catalog of sounds.
  • Is this a subscription?
    No. You won't be charged again in the future.
  • How will I get all the sounds?
    After you buy our Forever plan you'll have access to our downloads area where you can download all the stuff. When we release new sounds, everybody who has our Forever plan will be notified by email.
  • Are there any other perks included in the plan?
    Right now members get new releases in advance, exclusive members only releases, and free hugs.

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