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_fake diamonds

_fake diamonds turns 898 modular synth drum samples into 13 Ableton Drum Racks that are ready to drum design and play with. The music demo you hear is made exclusively with the sounds and drum modules from this release.


See the Ableton drum racks in action here:

Check out some BTS of the modular setup:


Spencer Carson, our friend from Vancouver, sound designer and composer, was a huge part of this carbon-based collaboration, and supplied us with 898 drum and percussion samples, all hand made in his shiny sonic modular laboratory. We took the sweet sonorous gems Spencer cut for us and created a 13 module Ableton Drum system (Lite, Intro, Standard, or Suite) that allows anyone to make authentic feeling modular drum sounds and beats with ease.


Each module gives you one drum part, such as a kick, snare, hi-hat, or tom, and each module offers the charm and sonic variety that your DAW doesn't. The macro controls for each of the 13 modules are tailored to the samples they hold, and you can get tasteful and effortless changes for each sound quickly and easily. Load up one or a bunch of modules in your sessions, and you’re good to go!


  • Use your MIDI note lengths to drive the samples from short to long like a gate length on an old school sequencer.
  • Use the release controls to tidy up the tails in re-trigger/ratchet mode.
  • Use and automate the easy re-trigger functions to ratchet each hit as you see fit.
  • Many modules include multiple sampled variations of the same sound, so you’ll never get the exact hit or sound every time you hit play.
  • Pitched drum modules contain up to 88 individually sampled pitches for total authenticity.


Spencer went beyond the usual synth-born drum pieces like kicks, snares and hi-hats, and gave us multiple 88 key pitched drums and percussion sounds as well. All of these drum sounds evoke a vintage vantage, and bring you an aural aura of authenticity.  We wanted it to sound like a super-polished modular drum session would, with many of the same sorts of controls made into Ableton macros that spark a different kind of DAW free creativity and approach to composition that's focused on programming as well as performing. We wanted to bring the feeling of modular drums without the fuss, and offer a simple and fast way to get cool sounding drums.


It was pleasure making this pack with Spencer, aka Mr. Diamond.


Modular gear highlights included:


Korg ARP 2600FS

Roland SYS-512

Roland SYS-521

Roland SYS-530

Roland SYS-540 E

Roland SYS-572

Roland SYS-555

Make Noise Maths

Make Noise Mimeophone

Make Noise QPAS

Doepfer A-124SE VCF5 Wasp Filter

Intellijel Dual ADSR Envelope


Go get these gems and get to making something modular.


• 898 modular synth drum samples. (380MB)

• 1 Ableton Live 11 session (Intro, Standard or Suite).

• 13 Ableton 11 Drum Racks with custom effects (Lite, Intro, Standard or Suite).

• Never get the same exact sound each time you hit play.

• Meticulously sampled individual pitches.

* Built-in retrigger/ratchet with retrig/ratchet feel for each drum module.

• Macro controls and macro presets for each instrument.

• 96k/24bit .wav sources.

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Spencer Carson & Subsocial Studios.

_fake diamonds


    Subsocial Forever



    Buy once. Get forever.

    All of our current & future sounds.

    Priced in Canadian dollars.

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    If you have any questions about using our stuff or compatibility before buying, please ask us!

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