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_head room

_head room brings watt’s been missing from amp + cabinet simulation in Ableton Live. A singular solution for classic tones featuring 64 presets + easy sound sculpting controls.


Have a look at a wquick walkthrough of what's inside and how it sounds here:


When we realized that Ableton partnered with Softube to create its stock guitar and bass amplifier simulator plug-in, we quickly added to our list of things to make. Bringing all the pieces of amplifier and speaker cabinet simulation in Ableton together with some custom effects that scream “classic” was our goal here. We wanted to be able to just load an Ableton device and have great sounding, easy to use controls, and automation for any classic electric guitar or bass sound, all while using only stock Ableton effects.


16 macro controls let you dial in everything you’d like to on your amp and effects, with a convenient speaker cabinet selector. The reverb and chorus effects were inspired by those often found built-in to classic amplifiers. 


Don’t play guitar? Don’t worry, this Ableton device and presets make anything sound cooler, even you.


Hey, hey, you, you, get off of my cloud.


• Minimum requirements: Ableton Suite 11.3+

• 1 handcrafted Ableton effects rack device with 16 macro controls. (ADG file)

• 64 macro sound presets.

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

_head room


    Subsocial Forever



    Buy once. Get forever.

    All of our current & future sounds.

    Priced in Canadian dollars.

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    If you have any questions about using our stuff or compatibility before buying, please ask us!

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