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_motor mouth

_motor mouth brings the chatter when it matters with 28 samples straight from the human mouth, all prepped and ready to beat box as an Ableton 11 Suite Drum Rack with those umami type FX you crave.


There's plenty of jibber-jabber already out there, so we've made this kit with a couple of intentions.

  1. It plays and sounds like a drum kit.
  2. It can go beyond that old school beat box aesthetic.


Make the music with your mouth.


Find out how to motor mouth.


• 28 samples. (4.7MB)

• 1 Ableton Live 11 Suite Session & Drum Rack with FX.

• 96k/24bit .wav sources.

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.



For best results, we recommend updating to the latest version of Ableton Live for patch/preset compatibility.


Ableton error messages such as, "Only audio effects can be placed in this kind of track." or, "Preset can not be loaded. It's probably broken." - usually indicate that our presets were made in a version of Ableton that is newer than yours. If you run into issues, please contact us for help!


Important: Ableton Live files are not backwards compatible. We generally create new releases in the current version of Ableton Live. Currently, all of our Ableton releases are for version 11.0 or greater. Using older versions of Ableton Live will most likely not allow you to use our newest releases. Consider updating your version of Ableton to the latest version to ensure good compatibility.


Some of our Ableton releases are for specific editions of Ableton only (Intro, Standard, Suite). Please ensure you have the correct version before purchasing.

_motor mouth

Excluding GST/HST
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    All our sounds now & forever for $28

    The audio files contained in our sample packs are compatible with any audio software or hardware.

    Some of our releases contain presets or software instruments and effects that are specific to particular software or hardware.

    If you have any questions before buying, please ask us!

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