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_writer's blocks

_writer's blocks makes our 1st multi-track stem pack a reality. 6 songs and 30 Ableton Drum Racks for anyone to unblock and unlock their producer potential.


Sometimes you just need a starting point right? This was our intention with these stems. Raw ingredients, but juiced up just enough to sow some inspiration. Add your own effects and flavours to these building blocks at will. Use them as complete songs or parts, or go straight to building your own hybrid grooves with the included Ableton Drum Racks.


We went for a vaguely vintage and lovingly lo-fi sound when we recorded this stem series. Uncomplicated recording setups for the drums, electric bass, keys, and vocals brings a vibe of simpler times, and perhaps that little slice of soul you may have been looking for.


Huge thanks to Mehul who contributed his voice, lyrics and unique creative flow to these handcrafted productions.


Enjoy the fruits our creative labour. We hope your own seeds grow and blossom into something beautiful.


• 6 different songs as stems and stereo mixes. (875MB)

• 6 Ableton Live 11 Suite sessions with ready to play stems.

• 30 Ableton 11 Suite Drum Racks with each stem set chopped up and ready to play.

• 6 different musical keys and tempos.

• Separated drums, bass, guitar, keys, & vocal stems.

• 96k/24bit .wav sources.

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Mehul Bhatia & Subsocial Studios.

_writer's blocks


    Subsocial Forever



    Buy once. Get forever.

    All of our current & future sounds.

    Priced in Canadian dollars.

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    If you have any questions about using our stuff or compatibility before buying, please ask us!

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