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_baby powder SSS050

_baby powder keeps you cool, keeps you dry, and smelling fresh, just like this Ableton Drum Rack and sample pack. We captured a little practice drum kid for kids, treated things nicely with some processing, and packaged the samples as a very usable Drum Rack in Ableton that's ready for playtime.

We're not saying this is a great sounding kit, in fact, it's not very good if you're looking for that hi-fi sound and performance. These cheap kits for children are all about thin wood, bad plastic, and cheap metal. It dawned on us that we needed that sound, so here it is. It's weirdly punchy, a little trashy, and we've molded it into a cool little Drum Rack with some FX that enhance the flavour.

Quit crying, because this drum kit sample pack is not a toy.

• 1 Ableton Live 11 Drum Rack with FX

• 13 samples (5MB)

• 96k/24bit .wav sources

• 100% Royalty-Free

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

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