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_continental drift SSS092

Watch a walkthrough sounds demo of what's inside here:

_continental drift takes Ableton’s Drift to new worlds with 25 devices and 300 presets that stack the lusty lubriciousness of this new synthesizer. The “drift” part of Ableton Drift is something special. It brings a subconscious charm with its more oblique approach to the notion of stability. We’ve been loving it so far, so we thought we’d expand on this theme. What would multiple Drift instruments stacked in parallel sound like? Would it be even more “drifty?” The answer is a resounding yes. Having 4 Drifts and some custom effects for a single preset brings a new level of dynamics and depth to the divergence. Each of the 25 Ableton Device Groups forms a base sound that’s comprised of 4 Drift instruments in parallel with realtime effects. Each device has an additional 12 lovingly designed macro presets to get you started and inspired to make your own moves. Load any or all of the ADG files in any project, and you’re ready to play, explore, and automate the sounds and device macros. "No synth is an island, entire of itself; every synth is a piece of the continent." • 25 Ableton 11.3+ Ableton Devices made with Drift + Effects. • 300 total macro presets for Ableton Drift. • 1 Ableton 11.3+ Session. • 100% Royalty-Free. • Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

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