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Subsocial Studios

Nestled near the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge in North Vancouver, BC Canada at 340 Brooksbank Avenue.


Services & Rates

Many projects happen with us and in our studios. Studio or project rates depend on the location, the amount of time booked, and the personnel or services you require, so it's best to contact us and talk about your needs so we can provide you with the best rates and services for your project.


Production and engineering services depend on many factors, and we are almost always able to accommodate any size of project or budget. 


Some common services we offer:


Audio Engineering for Music & Post:


  • Mixing (Stereo, Surround, Dolby® Atmos, Ambisonics)

  • Mastering (Music, Film, TV)

  • Recording (Stereo, Binaural, Surround, Ambisonic)

  • Editing (Timing, tuning, processing, etc.)

  • Location recording.


Music & Post-Production:


  • Music (Songwriting, film scoring, arrangement, sound design, vocals, guitars, drums, synthesizers/keys, MIDI programming, etc.)

  • Sound Design (Film, TV, game audio, interactive/immersive audio, etc.)​

  • Foley, ADR, voiceover, dubbing, podcasting.



  • Music Videos (Full service location or in studio productions.)

  • Artist Promos & Visuals
  • Brand ads, promos and creatives.
  • Product ads, promos, creatives.
  • Commercial/corporate shoots & productions.
  • Live Streaming production services.

Quick FAQ
  • Audio & Video gear list and studio layouts/floor plans are available - ask us!

  • Our studios are open 24/7/365.

  • We service both local & international clients.

  • We have a network of session musicians if players are needed.

  • We have web-based/remote audio streaming/recording capabilities for sessions that require it.

  • Our studios are generally used for our own in-house projects and clients. If you are interested in booking the studios as a producer or engineer, get in touch with us and we can discuss your needs.

Contact us or visit our projects bookings page if you have any other questions about absolutely anything!


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