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_meld 256 SSS100

_meld 256 celebrates the release of Ableton 12 with 256 presets for its new bi-timbral synth, Meld. An abundance of aural amalgams await.

Live 12 Suite’s new macro oscillator synthesizer Meld is designed to create unexpected sound design successes. Inspired by modular synthesis, Meld is a new device that encourages intuitive exploration, using two engines, a vast selection of complex oscillators, and interesting ways to route, cross-modulate and combine engine timbres.

We’ve been hard at work making this huge pack of presets for the launch of Ableton 12, while getting to know the new features that help enhance them, like the new tagging and filter features. Preset tags are now included with our Ableton presets so you can find what you’re after faster!

We wanted to push and pull Meld to its limits and explore it as much as possible. Meld’s “macro oscillators” sound new in many ways to us, and there are plenty of new tonal abstractions that we came up with. This collection of sounds is quite varied, but is still a very useable set of sounds that are useful across many genres. 

Included in this pack are:

• 32 Bass

• 32 Keys

• 64 Leads

• 64 Pads

• 64 Plucks

There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

• Minimum requirements: Ableton Suite 12.0+

• 256 Ableton Meld Instrument Presets. (ADV files)

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

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