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_pickup lines SSS082

_pickup lines makes Ableton's, "Electric" instrument a real charmer with 128 presets, custom chord and rhythm modes, plus dreamy lo-fi FX.

Electric for Ableton models 2 famous electric pianos, and we made 64 presets for each because they both love the flattery. We made this instrument with performance and tweak-ability in mind.

Chord mode brings common chords to one note performance, with our own special voicing for each. We created these chords with beat makers and producers who lust after lo-fi hip-hop study type beats.

Using chord mode with the simple auto rhythm and note length controls will get you as lucky as any player can hope to be.

Dial in some customized vintage style delay, reverb, and some vinyl distortion, and you'll be up all night making sweet love with this gorgeous instrument.

Come here often? Then go buy our Forever plan for lifetime access to all our sounds forever.

• 128 Ableton Electric instrument presets. (Ableton 11 Suite)

• 1 Ableton Live 11.3 Project (Ableton 11 Suite)

• 1 Ableton instrument group with chords, arp + FX. (Ableton 11 Suite)

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

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