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_saturated swords SSS079

_saturated swords drenches you in the pure analog fluff and grit of Sonic Farm’s sought after, “Xcalibur” preamplifier. 25 guitar electric guitar loops using a handful of stomp boxes and Xcalibur’s merciless tones are now ready to be wielded. No guitar amps or microphones were used in the making of these loops. We went direct to digital exclusively through the Sonic Farm, Xcalibur JC Saturation preamplifier. We freaked things out as usual with some of our most loved guitar pedals, but the distortion is pure Xcalibur. Boris from Sonic Farm has been a friend of ours for some time now, so he was kind enough to drop off a demo unit with us a while back. Naturally, while we had it in our studios, we did what we do best with it - we made samples! This preamp gave us everything from the rarest richness to the the freakiest fuzz. Not everyone can afford a preamp of this quality, so being able to capture its essence in guitar loop form is the next best thing for now. Mythical swords and magical powers is just what we do. Connect with Sonic Farm: • 25 electric guitar loops. (162MB) • 8 tempos + 5 musical keys • 96k/24bit .wav sources. • 100% Royalty-Free. • Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Sonic Farm & Subsocial Studios.

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