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Introducing Subsocial Forever

All our current sounds + all our future sounds forever. No subscriptions, just forever. Show us some love & get forever now for a special introductory price!

Sample packs, loops, sampler instruments, Ableton creations, software synth presets, sound design elements, ambisonic & binaural field recordings, & more are all included in our forever plan. You'll also have access to "forever only" releases, and early access to upcoming releases.

The future also brings Native Instruments Kontakt patches, Logic Pro sampler patches, FLStudio stuff, VST plugins and whatever else we can dream up. We're always up to something, so expect forever to be cool.

The more people who sign up for forever, the bigger and better it will become for everyone. We love creating quality things and hope that you have all enjoyed some of our free packs already. This is the most sustainable way we can think of to support creative people like you, so we hope that you can become a part of our forever as one of our early supporters.

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