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Haleluya Hailu _subsettings

_subsettings Episode 2

Haleluya Hailu "Buttercup"

Haleluyah Hailu features in the second of our immersive audio experiences on location deep in the heart of downtown Vancouver, in what's known as the "Pink Alley."

It's tough for us all to cut through the noise these days, but try and get a little closer, and you'll probably find some real stuff. This boisterous "binaural" backdrop that we captured with our ambisonic recording setup can't drown out Haleluya's defiant, yet dreamy lyrical deftness. Fresh from signing with Vancouver's own, 604 Records, Haleluya gives us a taste of what's about to blossom.

What's binaural you ask? It's the simplest form of spatial audio, and you can wear any pair of headphones to experience it. So put your headphones on.

Stay tuned for more stable footage and cool people in immersive, live music experiences as this series develops.

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