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Mehul _subsettings

_subsettings Episode 1

Mehul "Lore teller"

Mehul brings you the first of our new, immersive audio, live music experiences, on location at Burnaby Mountain Park. Behold, the summer sunset, ponder life, and bask in the "binaural" backdrop that we captured with our ambisonic recording setup. What's binaural you ask? It's the simplest form of spatial audio, and you can wear any pair of headphones to experience it. So put your headphones on.

Mehul was a huge part of helping us get this series off the ground, and we can't thank him enough for his nicely neoteric 21st century troubadour twang. We think it's a great song to start off with this great view.

Location, location, location. Is that what they say? Stay tuned for more immersive music experiences as this series develops.

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