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DACEY _subsettings

_subsettings Episode 3


DACEY makes sure it's fun for our 3rd immersive audio experience on location out in the suburbs of Ladner, BC with stepmom.

Everybody we've collaborated with on this series so far has been a huge part of the learning process. If DACEY wasn't so cool and open-minded, this would never have worked out so well.

Making spatial audio experiences work means letting go of what things used to be, and embracing what's new. Perfectly planned, and preciously perfect sounding "stereo" mixes are great, but these recordings bring something different. Having 1 ambisonic microphone move around with the camera for 1 long shot brings a whole new level of chaos, so we plan and practice more in advance, and let go of perfection for a change. If something "immersive" is supposed to be more "real," then it can't be faked.

We convert our ambisonic recordings to binaural so it's easy for everyone to get a taste of this spatial audio. What's binaural you ask? It's the simplest form of spatial audio, and you can wear any pair of headphones to experience it. So put your headphones on.

Stay tuned for more stable footage and cool people in immersive, live music experiences as this series develops.

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