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_dial rodgers

_dial rodgers is the little funk guitar for Ableton 12 Suite. 474 samples, 32 presets + 8 easy to groove with sound controls. It’s the simplest way to get clean & classic disco or funk rhythms without a guitar in Ableton.


Simple isn’t always better, but sometimes you just need that chic funk guitar, whether it’s simple one note rhythms peppered with swirly chucks, or shiny little disco chords with the way pedal on blast. Our little funk guitar for Ableton 12 Suite is pure, sample-based simplicity when it comes to playing or programming your next MIDI masterpiece. With 42 individual notes sampled, 3 velocity layers with 3 random round robins for each layer, and an additional modulation wheel controlled funked-up articulation, the instrument feels real and consistently reliable as an always-there-for-you vibe foundation. It’s easy to play and get results without any hassle or complications.


Play it hard, or play it soft while using your Push or keyboard’s modulation control to activate and blend in those pushed plucks when you need them - it doesn’t get much simpler than that. Dial in some of the included classic funk guitar effects with the macro controls. Wah-wah your way through a liquid phaser effect, turn up “le freak” to add extra punch, or tweak the “sheek” control to add shiny stereo octave layers for extra glittery sounds.


We’ve included a demo Ableton project to get you started and playing around. It features a taste of what’s to come from our vocal pack we’re releasing with our friend, indyie.kid. Have a look at the 4 different MIDI parts for the guitars to see how we use the modulation control and macro automation to freak the perfect chic guitar parts.


Feel the rhythm, check the rhyme

Come on along and have a real good time.


• 474 guitar samples. (109MB)

• Clean picking and funked up articulations.

• Up to 3 velocity layers per articulation.

• Up to 3 random round robin samples per velocity layer.

• 1 Ableton 12 Suite demo song set with demo MIDI guitar + audio tracks.

• 1 Ableton 12 Suite Sampler Instrument. (.ADG)

• 32 Macro variation sound presets.

• 8 Instrument macro controls.

• 96k/24bit .wav sources.

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

_dial rodgers


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