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_roar 256

_roar 256 consecrates the release of Ableton 12 with 256 presets for its new saturation device, Roar. Add subtle colour, fold harmonics, or maim that tune.


Watch a sound presets demo and hear what's inside here:


Roar is made up of three saturation stages for serial, parallel or mid/side and multiband madness. Feedback and modulation controls let you add dynamic, evolving saturation and colour or outright sound destruction.


Drums, bass, vocals, guitars, synths, group tracks, and mix buses will benefit from the beautiful damage that these presets can cause. An all-around buffet featuring anything from creamy colours, to spiced saturations, to inedible indelicacies - this pack of plenty has it all.


We’ve been hard at work making this huge pack of presets for the launch of Ableton 12, while getting to know the new features that help enhance them, like the new tagging and filter features. Preset tags are now included with our Ableton presets so you can find what you’re after faster!


Butcher your bop.


• Minimum requirements: Ableton Suite 12.0+

• 256 Ableton Roar Instrument Presets. (ADV files)

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

_roar 256


    Subsocial Forever



    Buy once. Get forever.

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    Did you know that any individual sound pack purchases can be credited 100% towards our Forever sounds plan? Spend any amount and receive a credit for the same amount as a direct discount when purchasing Forever. Simply email us and we'll cook up a custom coupon for the amount you've already spent with us. We want everyone to be a part of our Forever.

    If you have any questions about using our stuff or compatibility before buying, please ask us!

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