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_tainted spaces

_tainted spaces contains 128 custom convolution reverb presets for Ableton, with a library of 113 impulse responses captured from select studio hardware.


This release is only available to our Subsocial Forever sounds plan members.


Watch a presets demo here and see what's inside:


When we say tainted, we mean these reverb presets aren't typical, or even necessarily perfectly sparkling specimens of spaces. The idea of convolution reverb is simple enough: you first profile the “space” by sending a signal into it, and then capture the space’s “response” to that sound. Theoretically, the space does not need to be a real space, or even a hardware reverb. The response of the space, or hardware unit adds tonal, harmonic, textural, dynamic, and time-based changes to the sound over a period of time. We wanted to take the idea of “convolution reverb” a bit further and get creative with it.


We captured impulse responses (IR) from many different hardware devices including:


  • Spring Reverbs
  • Guitar Pedal Reverbs
  • Modular Eurorack Reverbs
  • Rackmount & Modular Eurorack Delays (BBD + Digital)
  • Modular Eurorack Filters, Distortions, Modulators Etc)
  • Hardware Compressors (Solid State, Optical, Tube etc)
  • Hardware Equalisers 
  • Hardware Vocoder (SVC-350)


We took the 113 different IR files that were captured and designed 128 different space-based effects with them. Each preset typically blends 2 different IR flies together to create new effects that would otherwise not be possible. We created presets that impart subtle dynamic and tonal changes like an EQ or compressor, to the the shortest of spaces that emulate line feedback, to weird phaser and flanger effects, to hybrid delays with reverbs, all the way to the longest, lushest atmospheres. Wrap all of this in a custom Ableton Device Group with macro controls and presets, and sprinkle in some extras to add texture and movement, and you’ve got yourself a huge, flexible set of tainted spaces inside Ableton.


Want more? Use the IR library files and create your own effects. With 113 new IR files, the possibilities are practically unlimited.


It takes great deal of courage to hear the world in all its tainted glory, and even more to love it.


• Minimum Requirements: Ableton 11.3.x Standard/Suite.

• 128 Ableton presets as Ableton 11.3+ Group Devices (ADG files).

• 113 96kHz/24bit Impulse Responses (AIF).

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

_tainted spaces


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