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_aztec drum circle SSS068

This ambisonic spatial audio recording captures a huge Aztec drum circle at night in Mexico City's Zócalo Plaza. The performances happen nightly, and many tourists gather around to watch about 100 people dance and chant in a moving circle around a few central drummers with large hand drums. The performers wear shells around their ankles as they step to the beats, while some blow large horns made from shells. The atmosphere is both entrancing and chaotic, while the echo and reverberation from the large stone plaza adds sonic power to the experience. Aztec drum circles were originally meant to please the gods.

This is an ambisonic recording that has been encoded for both ambisonic and binaural playback. Your audio application must support ambisonic file types in order to use the ambisonic recording for spatial audio productions and mixes. The binaural version can be used and played back by any stereo system. Standard headphones are needed in order to have a more immersive auditory experience.

  • Length - 6min 40sec

  • 96k/32bit .wav source

  • Ambisonic & Binaural Formats

  • 100% Royalty-Free

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