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_basement suite SSS105

_basement suite makes you the landlord of low end with the easiest to use bass design instrument for drum & bass music in Ableton we could make, featuring 64 sound presets + 8 macro controls.

We took the approach of a sonic slumlord on this one. We gathered 7 different Ableton instruments and put them all under 1 roof. With each instrument easily controlled by 1 knob, and with some simple macro knob automation to control the timbre and dynamic of each, you’re able to create stunning drum & bass bass-scapes as simply as possible. Blend your basses, throw in some useful effects, and you’ll be living rent free in the deepest of deeps.

While other bass instruments offer endless advanced tweaks and setups, this one flips things upside down with its simplcity and ease-of use when you just need this kind of bass.

Substructure. Subculture. Subsocial.

• Minimum requirements: Ableton Suite 11.3+

• 1 Ableton instrument rack device with 8 macro controls. (ADG file)

• 64 macro sound presets.

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

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