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_biotic 4L SSS063

_biotic 4L is built to blast. An all-in-one, trap-inspired, drum & 808 bass design kit for Ableton.

This beat making lifeform starts with 100% analog drum synth samples for both the drums and the bass. Sourced from various pieces of hardware, we captured some familiar drums sounds with our own special spice to make these top-shelf trap samples. We even sampled a superhuman 808 style bass hit at 37 different pitches, so say goodbye to transposing and losing all your low end.

The next step was making an Ableton Drum Rack and Sampler instrument combo that was easy for people to sculpt out all those beat tweaks quickly. Pitch your hats, glide + pitch envelope your bass, add some drip to the percs, spread some slap on thicc, and go wide when you feel it's right. Just use the included macro automations to make your triplets shine and your low end crumble.

Lost? The included Ableton 11 Suite session has a little demo for you to see how it all lives and breathes.

• 16 drum samples & 37 bass samples. (135MB)

• 1 Ableton Live 11 Suite demo session to get you started.

• Easy all-in-one drums & 808 bass creation in Ableton 11 Suite.

• 1 Ableton 11 Suite Drum Rack, 1 Ableton 11 Suite Sampler Instrument & 1 groove file.

• Useful macro controls, macro presets, and custom effects.

• 96k/24bit all analog drum synth .wav sources.

• 100% Royalty-Free

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

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