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_lab grown drums for Ableton

Get this drum design instrument bundle for Ableton here.

_lab grown means mutated kick and snare design for Ableton. If you're tired of injecting the same tired, generic drums samples from 2012 into your song's DNA, then this is for you. What's the formula? We sampled multiple acoustic kicks, toms, snares, paint cans, plastic bowls, metal ting-tings, cardboard boxes, paper, and glasses (+ a whole lot of other things we can remember). We filled all these things with random objects sometimes, and then hit them with sticks, mallets, brushes, shoes, hands, and whatever else was laying around the lab. We also just straight-up dropped things from a height in a warehouse space and sampled away. We tried to keep our recording chains for capture pretty different, so we changed things up a lot as we sampled different things. Ribbons, condensers, tube mics, vintage mic preamps, LA-2As, 1176s, Pultec, MAAG, and API EQs were all harmed in the making of this release. We figured we'd do some more mutating, so we processed all of the samples and added blend-able FX layers using many different outboard and pedal effects boxes. Our software plug-ins were lonely, but the effects we captured were alive! The 3 Ableton rack instruments give you a kick, snare, and ambient/room snare. Turn the macro knobs and choose your favourite samples. Blend all the out-of-the-box layers and FX for each sound together to create the perfect Frankenstein one-shot drum sample. These racks are the perfect antidote for gentrified drum tracks. New drum sounds are always the best medicine. • 655 one-shot drum samples. (260MB) • 1 Ableton Live 11 Project (Intro, Lite, Standard or Suite) • 3 Ableton 11 drum designer instruments. (Intro, Lite, Standard or Suite) • 96k/24bit .wav sources. • 100% Royalty-Free. • Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

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