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_moveable feast SSS093

_moveable feast brings a buffet of mouthwatering movements to Ableton with 20 instruments made with over 350 artfully captured samples.

Watch what Paul had to say about it here:

Paul Boechler and Subsocial Studios present a sample pack and set of Ableton instruments that lets you effortlessly create a feeling of foley that’s hyper-focused on everything that moves. Blurring the lines between foley, sound effects, and music production, this truly is a celebration of all things kinetic.

This release was a long time in the making, and began with a large concrete loading bay filled with different materials, machines, and moving parts. From cloth, plastic, wood, metal, and concrete, to wheels, blades, tools, furniture, and ladders, we buzzed, whooshed, shook, slammed, droned, scraped, thumped, latched, rang, rolled, and spun whatever we could, in as many different ways as we could.

Using 4 different microphone arrays, we were able to record with 4 different sound perspectives, from overhead mono to super wide stereo, to a moving mic setup that followed the movements through the space. We ended up with hours of captures under the guidance of Paul, and it took some time to sort through things and end up with a total of 389 unique sound samples that we felt represented the best moments of movement. Without Paul’s sound capture hardware setups, and his deep experience in the field of sound design for games, these sounds and this celebration of movement would have never happened.

Bringing the sounds into Ableton was no easy task. How would we create something useful that embodied all the different rhythms, textures, pitches, and modulations that real movements bring? We tested out many different approaches, but there was no single creation that could make our aural vision a reality. The answer was the “feast.” Putting our samples into categories of movement types, and then creating 20 different simple-to-use sound design tools was the only way we could bring this amount of unique sound variety and expression of movement that the samples deserved.

Paul Boechler is a longtime senior sound designer at Electronic Arts here in Vancouver, BC, and a good friend of our studios. Paul began his audio journey in the music business, mostly making cool records, but then decided to pursue game audio some time ago. Paul is currently working on the next iteration of the Skate game franchise, but he’s also worked on the FIFA, and the Need For Speed franchises before that. When he’s not tweaking sounds, he enjoys his dog Teddy, coffee, and modular synthesis. In that particular order.

You like to move-it, move-it. Move it.

• Minimum requirements for Ableton devices: Ableton Suite 11.3+

• 389 captured audio samples (650MB)

• 20 Ableton instrument devices with macro controls + effects. (ADG files)

• 200 Ableton device macro presets.

• 1 Ableton 11.3+ Session.

• 96k/24bit .wav sources.

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Paul Boechler & Subsocial Studios.

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