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_room tone SSS085

Get this Ableton Drum Rack + 100 Loops here.

Watch a demo walkthrough of this pack and see what's inside here:

_room tone brings the sound of a distant microphone setup on drums in a small room to an Ableton Drum Rack + 50 clean and 50 on-blast drum loops for the brave ones.

A subtly atypical drum sound is what you get with these drums They are clean, they are tight, but they have just enough room to pop. Small room drums always bring a dry sort of weight, so a little more space between our mics and the drums gave a more rounded and reflective sound.

The Ableton Drum rack is easy to play and you can save your own macro presets with individual kit piece levels. We also included a simple but effective reverb send, so you can add a little extra room if you need to! All samples were recorded at 96kHz/24bit and each part of the kit has enough velocity-layered samples to please most production needs. It’s a simple kit for a simple, but useful sound.

Some people don’t like making their own beats, so we included a wide variety of tempos and styles to get things going with 50 drum loops. Also included, 50 drum loops with way too much analogue distortion for those that keep it really crunchy.

Drums from a really, really, really good sounding bedroom anyone?

• 68 one-shot dry stereo drum samples. (95MB)

• 1 Ableton 11.3+ Session.

• 1 Ableton 11.3+ Drum Rack. (Velocity layered with macro level controls)

• 100 loops at 40+ tempos. (50 clean, 50 distorted). (1GB)

• 96k/24bit .wav sources.

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

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