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Nathan Shubert x Spencer Carson _subsettings

_subsettings Episode 5

Nathan Shubert x Spencer Carson "Heavy Lifting"

Nathan Shubert and Spencer Carson were patched together for the 5th of our immersive audio experiences on location in our very own studio's loading bay in Vancouver.

It's a modular synth mashup as Nathan and Spencer give us 10 minutes of an improvised musical soundscape set in a concrete loading bay. 2 synced-up modular rigs sent out to multiple amps and speakers created the sort of extra aural dimensions we were after. There's something special when you let the sounds escape into spaces, and that's something we wanted to capture here. Being setup with an ambisonic microphone on our camera rig, were we able to orbit around the space and taste all that the space and speakers had to offer.

Thanks to Nathan and Spencer for sharing their music and machines with us!

_subsettings episodes are presented as binaural sound experiences. What's binaural you ask? It's the simplest form of spatial audio, and you can wear any pair of headphones to experience it.

Stay tuned for more places and cool people in immersive, live music experiences as this series develops.

P.S. - Now accepting donations for a Steadicam rig for these episodes!

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