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_cruise control SSS094

_cruise control makes it easy to blast, smash, trash, twist, chop, and sauce up your drum tracks or drum buss in Ableton with 52 drum effect presets + 16 macro controls.

This is a custom effects rack made in Ableton Live 11.3 Suite. There are plenty of effects racks out there for Ableton, especially for drums. Our approach is rooted in usefulness on this effects box for drums. It’s great on individual drum sounds or drum groups. It works splendidly for sampled. synth, or acoustic drums, percussion, and anything else in between. 

We designed this effects box to deal with many of the things that most people want to do with drums, but with our own super special patented tastes. We hope you agree that they’re as useful as they are cool sounding.

Compress, destroy, widen, add harmonics and shimmer, apply pitch warping, reverb, delay and transient-based effects. It’s simple, great sounding, and it just works. Spread the sauce all over your drums, or whatever else works! 

Get out of my dreams, and into my car.

• Minimum requirements for Ableton device: Ableton Suite 11.3+

• 1 Ableton effects device with macro controls. (ADG file)

• 52 Ableton device macro presets.

• 100% Royalty-Free.

• Designed in Vancouver, Canada by Subsocial Studios.

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